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The Finnish Venture Capital Association was established in 1990. The actual members of the association are entities acting in the Finnish private equity and venture capital markets. FVCA accepts as its associate members communities or private individuals who play a part in the development of the industry in Finland. The number of members at the moment is 50 full and 49 associate members.

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Finnish PE/VC News

14.07.2015 CapMan sells their holding in Silex

Funds managed by CapMan have sold their holding in Silex Microsystems AB, an independent MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) foundry to a Hong Kong based investment holding company. The transaction has a positive impact on CapMan Group’s result for 2015 through a total of approx. EUR 1.5 million in carried interest income (net) and fair value changes. The cash flow contribution of the transaction is approx. EUR 2 million.

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02.07.2015 Func Food expands to Sweden and gains Celsius to its brand portfolio

Func Food Group Oy and People’s Choice AB merge to form a leading Nordic wellness and fitness group focused on functional food and beverages. Functional food company Func Food, known for its FAST and CocoVi brands, acquires Swedish People’s Choice, which is the exclusive distributor of popular Celsius functional beverage and active fashion clothing brand Freddy in Sweden. The Group targets combined sales of 50 million euros in 2015. The acquisition is partly financed by a Nordic high yield bond.

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01.06.2015 Finnish companies got record amount of investments in Q1 - venture capital funding took a breather

Finnish Venture Capital Association has published venture capital and private equity statistics for the first quarter of 2015. The quarter saw a new record amount invested in Finnish companies during a single quarter, whereas the updated 2014 statistics show that VC investments in Finnish companies as percentage of GDP were second highest in Europe.

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