Finnish Venture Capital Association

The Finnish Venture Capital Association was established in 1990. The actual members of the association are entities acting in the Finnish private equity and venture capital markets. FVCA accepts as its associate members communities or private individuals who play a part in the development of the industry in Finland. The number of members at the moment is 47 full and 46 associate members.

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Finnish PE/VC News

01.04.2014 CapMan sells Espira

Funds managed by CapMan and other owners of Espira Gruppen AS have signed an agreement to sell Espira to Swedish education company AcadeMedia. Funds managed by CapMan own approx. 92% of Espira’s shares. The transaction has a positive impact on CapMan Group’s result for 2014 through fair value changes from CapMan’s own fund investments. The transaction contributes some EUR 5 million in cash flow to CapMan Group. The transaction is expected to be finalised during the second quarter 2014. The exit will not change CapMan's result guidance for 2014 given on 6 February 2014.

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26.03.2014 CapMan invests in Harvia – one of the world's leading companies in the sauna industry

CapMan Buyout X fund has made an agreement to acquire a majority holding in the Finnish Harvia Oy, one of the world’s leading companies in the sauna industry. CapMan’s investment enables a generation shift in the company and further development of its business both in Finland and in Harvia’s most important export markets.

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