Fondia Oy

Fondia offers business law solutions as clearly defined service packages that are both business-oriented and easy to acquire:

Fondia LDaaS (Legal Department as a Service) works like an outsourced legal department and fits seamlessly into the company’s daily routines. As an LDaaS customer, the company has its own trusted team of lawyers, equipped with the required knowledge and resources, continuously at its disposal. This team manages the company’s legal issues in both a professional and business-minded manner and without unnecessary complexities. The pricing is transparent from the outset and necessary amount of resources can be reserved from the lawyer team on a monthly basis.

FondiaTransactions provides transaction services to our LDaaS customers as well as to VCs and other investors. We guarantee high-quality service with a cost-efficient and straight forward approach. Our transaction lawyers are experienced in both domestic and international transactions. Also in transaction projects Fondia can offer the added value of experienced business lawyers with relevant industry knowledge. This way the due diligence review can be carried out efficiently covering the risk analysis and solutions required in the transaction phase as well as the roadmap for the integration project.

Fondia’s service model is well adapted to VC and PE funded companies as the LDaaS and FondiaTransactions service packages cover the full lifespan of the investment.

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