Taaleri Pääomarahastot

We have invested in forest, properties, renewable energy and other diverse business operations. We currently manage some twenty private equity funds, with approximately one billion euros of assets under management.

We constantly analyse different potential investment opportunities. When selecting projects, we do not bind ourselves to a specific field of business; instead, we boldly consider different types of projects that we can refine or grow in order to generate profit and cash flow. Experience has shown that small start-ups take just as much time as larger projects. This makes large projects more attractive than small ones.

In our projects, we bring together business ideas and entrepreneurs with private equity. In capital investments, the starting point is always a good project and entrepreneur, for which Taaleri and investors together provide the financing the project needs to succeed.

We increase the value of our projects through active ownership, which requires expertise, boldness, perseverance and a great deal of work. Often, it also involves emotion. When an owner of the wind power fund stands at the foot of a 140-metre tower and sees with his own eyes the blades of a wind power plant built with his funds rotating swiftly and generating pollution-free energy, he feels proud of his ownership – as well he should.

We think that ownership is for everyone. Ownership is work that creates added value. Ownership requires expertise and taking responsibility. Taaleri is a pioneer in ownership, and we engage in entrepreneurship alone and in co-operation with our customers. In private equity funds, ownership and entrepreneurship come together in an excellent way.

Taaleri is a financial group whose parent company Taaleri Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main market. The Taaleri Group comprises three business areas: Wealth Management, Financing, and Energy. Taaleri's operations are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

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