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Juuri Partners Oy

Juuri Partners Oy, established in 2015, is an independent private equity company investing in Finnish growth focused SMEs with net sales from EUR 5 to 50 million. We are an alternative funding source for SME sector providing active money and support for development. Our mission is to enhance value creation and growth of Finnish SMEs.

We are focused on established businesses looking for capital for identified growth opportunities, changes of ownership structure or other type of discontinuation events. We have a distinctive investment approach and flexibility to provide all the funding in a deal including various equity and debt instruments. One single investment is from EUR 2 to 8 million. We have a straight forward partnership style of working with the management teams to enhance the value of their businesses.

Contact person Anita Ojala
Email firstname.lastname (at)
Address Urho Kekkosen katu 7B
00100 Helsinki