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27.05.2015 16:10

Conor leads 50 MDKK investment round to Blackwood Seven

Espoo, Finland, May 26th

Blackwood Seven received 50 million Danish kroner capital injection from Conor Venture Partners leading the investment, followed by Vækstfonden and Sunstone Capital. The capital injection is to ensure fast growth in the coming years i.e. through strategic acquisitions. The capital injection is the second from Vækstfonden and Sunstone in just 18 months, and is based on a strong belief in Blackwood Seven’s potential and ability to create a compe­titive advantage for the clients – thus securing increasing market share. The participants in the first capital injection were Vækstfonden, Sunstone Capital and Seed Capital.

Blackwood Seven has a platform, which gives the advertiser the possibility to predict the effects of the media investment through real-time modeling, as well as utilizing the platform for automated purchase of media advertisement. Additionally, the client is given access to a series of analytic tools that can help optimize the output of their advertising budget.

“We can eliminate bad campaigns and thus offer a better efficiency for the media buyers than previously. We make sure the client has a sales efficiency of 15-25 percent higher than with other solutions. Further­more, the cost is approximately 1/3 of the usual price”, states Henrik Busch, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blackwood Seven.

Blackwood Seven has an ambition to outmatch the traditional media agencies. The intention is to remove the costly intermediary between advertiser and media. Blackwood Seven has gained market share from traditional media agencies especially in Denmark, and the company expects a continued growth in other market areas.

“We expect a fast growth in market share on the German market, just as we have seen in Denmark. The tradi­tional media agencies have failed to adjust to the advertisers’ requirements – and our solution, which is based on data, transparency and a large degree of automation, offers far better business results for the clients and at a significantly lower cost”, says Thomas Bertelsen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blackwood Seven.


Carl Erik Kjærsgaard, Chairman and co-founder, +45 40 30 10 29

Chris Barchak, Partner, Conor Venture Partners, chris@conor.vc

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