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01.06.2015 15:57

Finnish companies got record amount of investments in Q1 - venture capital funding took a breather

Finnish Venture Capital Association has published venture capital and private equity statistics for the first quarter of 2015. The quarter saw a new record amount invested in Finnish companies during a single quarter, whereas the updated 2014 statistics show that VC investments in Finnish companies as percentage of GDP were second highest in Europe.

The traditionally more quiet first quarter saw 466 million Euros (140 M€, Q1/2014) invested in Finnish companies, which is the highest amount invested in a single quarter. There was one noticeably large foreign investment during the period. Foreign investments totaled 310 million Euros (16 M€). 65 companies (85) received investments during the quarter, out of which 48 (65) were early stage companies.

Investments in Finnish early stage companies totaled 15 million Euros, which is about half of the same period of the previous year. "In 2014 a record number of Finnish early stage companies got venture capital funding and investments in Finnish companies as percentage of GDP were the second highest in Europe. The activity in Finland has been on a good level for two years and now it was a time for a little breather. A few significant funding rounds have already been published in the second quarter", said Marika af Enejelm, Managing Director, FVCA.

Finnish private equity firms invested in total 160 million Euros (142 M€) in the first quarter, out of which 144 million Euros (119 M€) were buyout-stage investments. 54 early stage companies (64) and in total 69 companies (83) received investments.

In January-March period private equity investors exited 23 Finnish portfolio companies (16). Finnish private equity funds raised 84 million Euros (38 M€) for future investments.

Statistics: VC/PE Industry in Finland Q1/2015

Statistics: VC/PE Industry in Finland 2014

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Managing Director, FVCA

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