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13.03.2015 13:08

Finnish growth investments record high

Finnish business angels and venture capitalists invested in record amount of potential high-growth companies

The Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) and Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) have released their statistics on private investments and private equity investments in Finnish companies in 2014.

The total amount invested in Finnish early stage companies in 2014 was 206 million euros. The statistics include Finnish venture capital investments (73 M€), direct foreign investments (89 M€), business angel investments (33 M€) and other sources of finance including crowdfunding (11 M€). The all-time investment record of 279 M€ in 2013 was partly due to Supercell’s 100M€ funding round.

The Finnish growth investment sector is bustling

  • Record amount of companies received growth investments from Finnish business angels and venture capitalists

  • Access to capital is not a barrier for potential high-growth, innovative companies in Finland

  • Finnish growth investing is continuing to develop positively

Total 206 M€ invested in Finnish early-stage growth companies

Kasvurahoitus 2014 EN


Finnish business angels invested a record amount - 21 M€ (11M€ 2013) - in 238 individual potential high-growth companies (164 companies 2013). In addition to the FiBAN statistics, 12 M€ was invested by business angels  together with the Finnish public investment institution Finnvera, leading to a total of at least 33 M€ invested by Finnish business angels 2014. The investment activity survey was submitted by 200 business angels, the answer rate being 40%. The amount of early-stage investments are one of the highest in Europe. The median angel investment was 25.000 € - as previous year - and the average was 68.000 €. In average FiBAN angels made 1,6 new investments during 2014.  

The role and position of business angels as an important early-stage investment source in Finland continues to grow. Their investments during year 2014 created over 1.200 new jobs. Angel investments are an effective and relevant model to create new jobs.

In short

  • Record amount of FiBAN angel investments (21 M€) and companies (238). A total of 33 M€ Finnish angel investments.

  • Sector based investments: CleanTech 14% and Mobile 21%, of which investments in mobile games 17%, HealthTech decreased to 5%.

  • Six out of ten exits were positive, every sixth exit gave a return of 10x or more.

Additional information: www.fiban.org/finnish-business-angel-activity-2014  


  • Record number of companies funded by VC/PE. In total an all time high 280 (233) Finnish companies received VC/PE investment in 2014. Venture investments were made in 202 (177) and buyout investments in 81 (56) companies.

  • Big jump in seed stage investments. The number of Finnish companies receiving seed stage investment increased fourfold in 2014. Seed investments were made in 45 (11) companies.

  • Investments targeting SME growth have doubled since the early 2000’s. Finnish buyout investors invested 477 M€ (456 M€) in growth companies last year, whereas in the beginning of the millennium the average amount invested annually was 250 M€.

  • VC/PE fundraising on record levels since the financial crisis. Finnish VC/PE investors raised 585 M€ (423 M€) of new funds for future investments in growth companies.

Previous year’s corresponding figures are in parenthesis.

Additional information: http://fvca.fi/stats

More information

Jan Oker-Blom

FiBAN, managing director   


(+358) 40 5517551

Marika af Enehjelm
FVCA, managing director
(+358) 40 5536934


Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) promotes the interests of venture capital and private equity investors and their positive impact on growth companies and wider national economy. Majority of Finnish private equity investors are members of the association. Private equity investors – Building growth.

More information: www.fvca.fi/en


FiBAN is a Finnish, national, non-profit association of private investors that aims to improve the possibilities for private persons to invest in unlisted potential growth companies. The association’s work is based on the activity by private investors and cooperates with networks supporting high-growth goals.


The FiBAN network is today one of the largest and most active business angel networks in Europe with over 450 approved members and over 100 events held year 2014. FiBAN is a member of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN).

More information: www.fiban.org/about

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