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04.01.2016 15:35

Sentica acquires three companies to create a significant new infrastructure construction player

A fund managed by the private equity company Sentica Partners has acquired majority stakes in three specialized infrastructure construction companies: Kanta-Kaivu Oy, Cendigo Oy and Kallionporaus Arto Soininen Oy. The transaction brings the companies under one parent entity. Key individuals from each company will remain with the new Group as significant minority owners.

Kanta-Kaivu, Cendigo and Kallionporaus Arto Soininen operate mainly in the Greater Helsinki area and focus on delivering demanding projects related to environmental construction and specialized quarrying. The companies hold over 50 years of combined experience in infrastructure construction, and have established themselves as the most reliable partners in completing challenging assignments that require specialized knowledge and capabilities. Operations are always based on the principle of delivering high customer satisfaction, which is achieved through well-trained and competent personnel as well as excellent and up-to-date own machinery. Via the transaction, the Finnish infrastructure construction sector gains a new player that will serve a significant share of the market: the new Group has over one hundred employees and combined revenue in excess of €20 million.

“The earthworks market is currently very attractive, especially due to the solid growth in renovation construction. Additionally, the share of environmental construction and landscaping of all construction spend is increasing continuously. In quarrying and blasting, demand for specialized expertise is rising due to projects becoming increasingly demanding as more and more residents cluster into densely populated urban areas. Kanta-Kaivu, Cendigo and Kallionporaus Arto Soininen together form a Group that is able to cater client needs more efficiently and comprehensively in all of these areas. In the following years we aim to grow to a scale of €50 million in revenue, through organic growth and with complementary acquisitions.”, says Investment Director Timo Sarkki from Sentica Partners. 

The CEO of the new Group will be Juha Saapunki, who has a clear view of the Group’s strengths: ”Each of the three firms has a long and successful history, and they provide an excellent foundation for the larger new company that we are now building together. Clients will benefit from our scale, workmanship and first-rate reliability, especially in complex projects requiring a complete service offering.”. The CEOs of Kanta-Kaivu, Cendigo and Kallionporaus Arto Soininen will remain in key roles, each sharing the vision of striving for strong growth. “After 22 years of entrepreneurship, it is tremendous to take part in creating an even stronger and more diverse company.”, declares Harri Kantanen, CEO of Kanta-Kaivu.


Additional information:

Timo Sarkki

Investment Director, Sentica Partners Oy

Tel: +358 (0)40 744 6252, Email: timo.sarkki@sentica.fi


Juha Saapunki

CEO, Sentikaivu Oy

Tel: +358 (0)500 414 458


Kanta-Kaivu Oy

Kanta-Kaivu, founded in 1993, is an infrastructure construction company that offers services such as earth excavation and foundation engineering, underground drain, sewer, pipe and moisture insulation works, environmental construction, municipal engineering, as well as quarrying and demolition. In addition, the offering includes various services related to construction, transports, and crushed stone. The company operates mainly in the Uusimaa region and employs 75-90 professionals. www.kantakaivu.fi 

Cendigo Oy

Cendigo, founded in 1996, is an environmental construction company that offers services such as environmental construction and landscaping, water and sewer systems, planting, paving, as well as various types of yard- and earthworks. The company operates in the Greater Helsinki area and employs approximately 40 professionals. www.cendigo.fi

Kallionporaus Arto Soininen Oy

Kallionporaus Arto Soininen, founded in 2001, is a specialized quarrying company that offers services such as quarrying, blasting, wedging, demolition, reinforcing, as well as machinery and equipment renting. The company operates in Southern Finland and employs 20 professionals. www.kallionporaussoininen.fi 

Sentica Partners Oy

Sentica is an independent private equity company focusing on acquiring and developing Finnish small and mid-sized companies. The funds under Sentica’s management amount to some EUR 300 million with fund investors consisting of Finnish institutional investors and high quality European fund of funds. www.sentica.fi

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